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The About Over 50's website was purpose build to furnish information on what interests the over50's and assist those of us that are looking to renew and interest, start a new one, or simply find out what others are doing and ways to join in on what they are doing!.

You will find hundreds and hundreds of interesting pastimes to do, all you need do is look!

You will gain an opportunity to meet with hundreds of other people helping to promote AUSTRALIA. Build your own group, start networking, help Australian businesses, promote tourism and make some money at the same time, it is simple and fun!

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You are invited to register with AML-AM as a part of the About Over 50s Rewards Circle. Receive special AML-AM Offers starting with the About Over 50's Super Aussie Kitbag at a reduced price and a Special Introductory Offer.



Are you involved with a seniors club, association or an over 50 plus group that would like to promote information on this website just like the business below; contact us with information about your group/s, business or charity Website, include your contact phone numbers and we will get back to you as quick as possible and endeavour to promote it for you.

All advertisers are issued with a totally FREE AML-AM promotional profiled website and each business registration includes a free listing in the Australia My Land online BUSINESS DIRECTORY A number of the business images listed below show AML Profiles - The Photo image will take you direct to the business owners website and the AML Profile link takes you to that businesses AML Business Profile. 



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