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Australia My Land

The Australia My Land Website Development and Marketing Team has a combined over 120 years experience in various business ventures, marketing and sales in various industries. Web development is not just about building great looking websites, it is about advertising and marketing a businesses products and services online with real initiatives, performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and client friendly websites.

It's About Getting The Right Help!

In 2006 a new client approached Stacpoole Internet as he had just moved and wanted to start building on an idea for a business that he had been working on for a couple of years.

Within just a couple of more years he left his job with an airline and a couple of years later again his wife has left her job at a department store. He is subsequently run off his feet keeping up with the workload his website is bringing the business and he has now branched out into other state capitals as well as China with his growing enterprise.

Selling is about More than just Advertising
You have to get to Know your Market

Design and Development of all Website and Online Requirements

Responsive Web Design - Database and CMS - HTML5 - ASP.NET - CLASSIC ASP


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