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The AML Business Initiative

The Australia My Land Associate market place is all about promoting and helping "Australian bricks and mortar businesses”

Our main goal is to promote and assist drive customers to our registered AML Associates and their Australian businesses with in Australia and internationally regardless to whether they be an established business or a start up!  

Our AML Associates Business Success Completes Our Business Success

The Internet is global. It is a very powerful business tool and the very best resource to use in this promotion.

Not so long ago we could all get by operating our businesses by placing ad add in the local paper. The internet was something the governments used and having a website or an advertisement online was not necessary.


Every Australian Businesses needs to be mined full that the internet promotes businesses from all over the world.

So businesses that use the internet and use it WELL!

Are able to attract YOUR customers!

Today is it more than important that all Australian Business have a quality built website online promoting their businesses?

Then every business needs to be sure that their websites are advertised and promoted strongly on the internet. Every website needs good quality drivers in place behind it so that website can be found by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing plus others) having a website online is not enough.

A website is an ongoing work in progress, websites need to be actioned and up dated as often as possible! Making adjustments, adding new content and refreshing your website not only keep the visitors coming back, the constant changes keeps the search engines spiders much more interested.

Australia My Land Associate Market Place assist our AML associates businesses by offering a range of internet advertising promotions just like the freely issued AML Profile Associate Websites. Learn More about Advertising on AML

All those private individuals or businesses registering with us become AML Associates and immediately have available to them a surprising array of benefits and rewards including a freely supplied an AML Business Profile Website which is issued in minutes after registering.

Every business registration (once submitted) triggers a totally FREE listing in our NEW Online Business Directory. These two standalone AML features - benefits assist in creating very positive business backlink drivers for that business! Learn More about Back Linking with AML Back Linking with AML SCROLL DOWN -

Our overall aim for each of our AML Associates advertising businesses is for us to help drive that advertising business forward in the online search engine rankings for the purpose of gaining more customers.

Everyone is able to register! – Personal registration to promote a hobby, charity a special interest. Business registration to promote an established business or a business just starting up. If your new to the advertising online and do not have a website? AML is a great place to start!

AML Internet Benefits

Once registration is completed and your AML Profile web page has been issued. You can immediately start adding content and an image. You are able to login to your back office, you will find it extremely easy to navigate and use. You have no ongoing costs as each AML Profile web page has NO annual domain name or hosting costs.

You can ask, friends, family, staff and other business people register from your AML web page, then those people or businesses are able to promote your business or special interest.  

AML best benefit? Today the internet is enormous it is expanding at a rapid rate. Now it is a necessity that business have more than just a website on one page online.

Australian Businesses with only one website on one page on the internet need to understand if they wish to capture a market they need to have their website displaying on multiple pages online, listed under dozens of key word search phrases.

In this new world we need to be doing more, much more! Website drivers are necessary! The benefit, with AML is you can have hundreds or more people driving your business. Your freely issued AML business Profile web page will do that for you!

Your AML website opens new doors and helps you drive customers to your business.

What is the internet and how does a website work

Consider the following example; A sandy beach anywhere in the world, the sand on the beach is the internet, you pick up a grain, ONE GRAIN consider that to be your website!

Don’t drop it because you will never find it again, because it just blends in with all the others!

The internet is enormous with millions and millions of websites online and growing and every business wants to have their website on page one? I can tell you that is Impossible!

But we still need your website to stand out from the others! That’s what AML Association helps you do. Every AML website issued promotes three other Australian Businesses – Plus you can have others register form you AML web page and they are able to promote you and you can promote them.

Your AML profile websites helps you get found NOT ONLY on one page one in the search engines but many first pages. COME AND BE A PART OF WHA WE ARE DOING AT AML -  REGISTER


AML-AM Business Associates    AML-AM Business Associates    AML-AM Business Associates

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