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Aussie Snow is an AML Partner Website bringing local information about the snow fields in Australia.

It is somewhat surprising o some that we do have snow here, having heard of the hot and dusty Great Inland Outback but we do! Along the south eastern part of the country runs the Southern Great Dividing Range, where Mount Kosiusko rises highest among a line of mountains topped with snow during the winter months.

Because of the sloping terrain and relative ease of access the Australian snowfields are very popular with the Tasmanian wilderness snowfields providing not only great snow but spectacular variation in landscapes.

We invite any snow related Businesses to promote their products on the site and as AML-AM is now operational we will be upgrading our Snow site more regularly.

If you would like to be a regular contributor to our website with details of your local area or if you have photos you would like to send us for the site please forward them to ask@aussiesnow.com.au


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