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Donate To Blind Sports Australia.

Blind Sports Australia is a national sporting organisation that consists solely of member sporting organisations.

Blind Sports Australia does not fundraise for its members but utilises all funds raised to support our member organisation increase participation in blind sports, promote blind sports to all members of the community as a worthwhile activity to increase social inclusion and for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and on behalf of its members at local, national and international level.

You can financially support Blind Sports Australia through direct donations, donations and donated ‘gifts’ using KARMA CURRENCY, holding your own fundraising event such as "Gold Coin Casual Clothes Day" at work, or a coffee morning, sponsoring a sport or a sporting event, or supplying a good or service to our Member’s members.

You can also support Blind Sports Australia by supporting our sponsors, Please  visit our sponsors page www.blindslportsaustralia.com.au/sponsors

Volunteer With Blind Sports Australia Simply email admin@blindsportsaustralia.com.au with details of your request for involvement with BSA as a volunteer. We appreciate all support and help from our volunteers.

You can also register here and be supplied a FREE website just like this one and promote Blind Sport Australia

Register here - http://www.amlam.com.au/blindsportsaustralia/PersonalRegistration.aspx    

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