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At Only Chauffeurs we are always looking for the best wannabe Chauffeurs.

Sought after Chauffeurs are Trained, NOT born. We equip you will all the strategies to enjoy the Industry and ultimately be very successful.

Contact us by phone 0423 515 807 or email us at caw-melbourne@gmail.com

Regardless of your driving ability, your knowledge of the city or your communication skills, there is more to being a Professional Chauffeur that meets the eye.

When you take the steps we give you, you will become a sought after Chauffeur/Dial-A-Driver in your city. We don't just equip you with training, we stand by your side to see you get the best the industry has to offer.

We add you to our DATABASE of Chauffeurs, and you will be promoted as the Best Dial-A-Driver in your area. Not only could you be driving limousines, as you could be driving luxurious cars for clients, as you may be able to assist with the moving of a truck or caravan. 

Only Chauffeurs we are recognised for the high level of information we impart to our trainees. We are providing high-quality service at a very competitive price.


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