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We will beat any competitors quote on Mobile Coolroom Hire in Sydney


• Having A Party - Picnic?  • Hosting A Function?  • School Fete  • A Festival? • Wedding? 

• A Film or Television Shoot?  • Building Site?  • Restaurant?  • Florist?  • Or Just Need Some Extra Cold Storage?

Elite Mobile Coolroom Hire has the answer for all mobile refrigerating needs with its purpose built mobile coolrooms on wheels delivered FREE for your convenience.

From private functions, weddings or parties to the large scale events, festivals, markets and sporting events in the metropolitan Sydney area Elite mobile coolroom hire caters for all occasions.


Q. What is the temperature of the coolrooms?

A. Elite´s mobile coolrooms are preset on +3C, which is perfect for keeping your drinks cool or fresh seafood platers - well, fresh.

Q. Are the shelves adjustable?

A. The shelving in our coolrooms are completely adjustable for the convenience of our clients.

Q. Will I need anything extra equipment while renting a cool room?

A. No. Elite´s mobile cool rooms come complete with power leads, locks and chains and interior lighting.

Q. What type of electrical connection do I need to use for the coolroom?

A. Our coolrooms plug into any standard power point.

Q. How long does the coolroom take to cool down?

A. It takes between 20min to 1 hour, depending on the desired temperature for the coolroom and outside temperature.

Q. Do you charge extra for around the clock deliveries and pick ups?

A. No Elite´s friendly staff will deliver at your requested time. For an early morning hire we prefer to deliver in the evening before for your convenience at no extra cost. Likewise we´ll pick it up the next day after the late finish. All providing availability.


Q. What is the most popular size of coolroom?

A. Elite´s most popular size is 6" x 4", known as ´regular´, followed by ´large´ 8" x 6".

Q. Do the coolrooms stop working on very hot days?

A. No! Elite´s coolrooms will not have any problems working in scorching Sydney summer, that is what they are made for.

Q. What will happened if my coolroom stops working what do I do?

A. Call us immediately you notice the problem. Our On-Call technician will attend to your coolroom or we will organise replacement A.S.A.P. A large bag of ice from service station will help keep temperature down in the mean time.

For more information please visit our website: www.eliemobilecoolroomhire.com.au


E-MAIL: office@elitemobilecoolroomhire.com 

PHONE: 0424 393 396


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