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Outdoor Mobile Video Billboard Advertising (VMS) is the most effective and innovative way to advertise any product or service.

In today’s fast moving world, advertisers have little time to capture and reach a targeted market!

Full colour moving images on outdoor mobile video advertising signs reaches people that are on-the-move. It does this by placing extremely targeted messaging which is designed to capture the attention of consumers nearby and from distance.

Try a Mobile Bill Board Sign Trailer! This clever unit allows your signs to glide in on both sides and you are able to change as many times as you like. Keep the passing trade guessing what’s going to show on the sign the next day or next week?

The passing parade are attracted to good quality signage and signage will attract people into your business. Good signage turns heads and lookers into BUYERS!

This type of mobile trailer sign is most popular they can be hired for long or short term.


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