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Transcription Services

Why Choose Qwerty?

We can transcribe anything

From interviews, meetings, lectures, podcasts, webinars, research interviews, multiple speaker discussions, video, legal dictation, court documents and correspondence - if it can be recorded, we can transcribe it.

Strict quality control = quality and accurate transcripts

All of Qwerty's transcribers are Australian based and are required to possess an excellent knowledge of the English language.

We also have an efficient quality control process, where all of our transcripts are proofread by a second person to ensure the transcript is of the best quality and accurate.


All Qwerty transcribers have signed strict confidentiality agreements and all files and related documents are permanently deleted by all our operators once you have confirmed you have received your completed documents.

We love our clients!

We value our client relationships and will always strive to ensure that you are receiving the best quality work and are satisfied with our service. Nothing is ever a problem for us.

Get in touch with Qwerty and see how we can assist you with your Transcription Requirements!
go to www.qwertyva.com.au for more details

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