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I am Rob Wilson

My career started as a trainee salesman, moved into management roles, training and motivation. I have established business offices from scratch, including the purchase of furniture, division of offices, employed, trained staff, managed accounts, established budgets and achieved targets and goals.

I set up and established a number of retail stores, found the premises, organised the fit outs, stocked the shelves, employed the staff and operated and managed the stores. I have also held office management and training roles and managed teams of direct sales people Australia wide.

Areas in which I have worked include;

Tractors, heavy machinery wheel and track – Assembly loading and delivery Australia wide.

Manchester and linen – Sale Management role, employed and trained direct sales team of 30 part time and full time sales people – Established and managed retail stores, employed and managed staff

Telephone telecommunications – Sales Management role, sales of all types of telephone related equipment and coordinated installations, including telephone systems, PABX, and all related equipment, hand free telephones, cordless phones, mobile phones, pocket pagers direct to the businesses concerned.

Wedding car and chauffeured limousine hire – Sales Management role, high profile clients, established business, chauffeured and maintained vehicles. Operated very successfully one of the largest wedding car operations in Sydney for 10 years dealing direct with the customers.

Strata Cleaning, Maintenance, Gardening and lawns – Sales Management role dealings with strata managers and body corporate customers, employed staff, purchased cleaning chemicals, gardening and lawn mowing equipment, set up and maintained company vans and other vehicles.     

Computer based business building pages for the internet.

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I have also sold Real Estate, been involved making of plaster products, direct selling and been active on a number of committees.


Many years’ experience: In customer service both face to face and telephone based

Jack of all trades: I can do just about anything I put my hand to. I have owned and operated a number successful different business and am street smart I when it comes to business development. 

Strong business: Development capabilities, sales and marketing   

Management experience: I have had dealings with people from all walks of life I have management skills in retail, wholesale and direct marketing and selling

Computer skilled: I build websites that WORK and have many operating very successfully online bringing customers to my clients, testimonials are available on request. I also operate a number of successful online businesses - Australia My Land being the flagship 


I have established, managed and operated a number of small businesses – employed staff and completed all facets of running a small business, including, establishing the businesses from scratch, employed sales, marketing and office staff, and have completed many dealing direct with the customers and clients.

I have completed many trade and Royal shows, set in place advertising budgets, organised equipment servicing, sign writing, vehicle maintenance, I have an understanding of workers compensation and the overall book keeping and accounting.

I have been active in retail and direct sales and have sold product all over eastern Australia. I have been a very successful sale manager, state manger and a made director of a number of companies.

Because of my very diverse background, I am in a position to assist and help in the development of other businesses, either on the street or online. I have had and continue to have dealings with people from all walks of life and all types of business. I am in able to take on board what business is looking to achieve and assist them in achieving their goals.




AML-AM Business Associates    AML-AM Business Associates    AML-AM Business Associates

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