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Winter Package Specials


During the winter months of June, July and August Silver Cloud Cars are not as busy as we are in the summer months.

The demand is not as high for our wedding cars. So! Should you be planning a winter wedding you might like to ask out wedding coordinator if we have a special on your wedding day?

Silver Cloud Cars History - About Us

Ken Collins the owner operator of Silver Cloud Wedding Cars had somewhat of a humble beginning. He started in the industry as a trainee with then famous Automobile Agency.

Ken had a love for classic cars from the 1940's 50's and 60's, he just wanted to be around his passion, at that was not in a position to own one cars of his own, so his option was to do the very next best thing and drive them.

Applying for the job was no easy task; Ken at that time had no experience as a chauffeur. He was told "if you think you just jump in a wedding car and drive you are WRONG son, understand there is a lot more to it than that.

You need to learn and understand everything about wedding etiquette!” In the end because Ken just kept hanging around the Automobile Agency gave him a start WASHING AND CLEANING CARS!  Not quite what he wanted. They did eventually start him as a trainee chauffeur.

Ken Started working a few Saturdays each month, he took his training very seriously throwing himself into the business. The weddings were great fun he enjoyed the day's outings, chauffeuring in the cars he loved.

Many drivers just turned up to drive and take home the money, Ken loved every minute he was in the cars and being part of the new brides day,

"Weddings are such happy days and I love being out there with the bridal parties on there special day, he would say.

When in the cars on the day there is a very special part of the chauffeur to play and etiquette that must be followed.

Ken always went a little more out of his way to insure the people were looked after, while remaining somewhat aloof he became an intricate part of the wedding. By assisting bridesmaids and mums and dads in and out of the cars, adjusting dresses, helping the photographer and holding flowers.

The most enjoyable part of all was assisting the brides out of the car then adjusting and setting train just before the she walks down the isle, smiling broadly as they go.  Ken has an appreciation of what the wedding day means for the couple.

Ken apply to the boss for more work and was promoted to lead driver, head chauffeur conductor of the group of wedding cars he controlled on the day.

With the money he earned from working every Saturday and many Sundays, Ken made the decision to buy two classic Bentleys. He source out a pair of cars that required some restoration 1948 and 1949 models. Then he went about lovingly restoring them both The Bentleys are still operating today.

Ken decided to leave the Automobile Agency because it had partnered with another wedding car company. He set up Silver Cloud Wedding Cars, the name of the business was selected from the Famous Rolls Royce Company “Silver Cloud” Ken was fast establishing a very successful business. Not bad considering only a few years before was washing and cleaning cars.  Ken now owned his two Bentleys and went about purchasing two 1948 classic Mk5 Jaguars to match the Bentleys giving them all the same colouring black-over silver.

As the years pass Ken constantly looked for the best quality in any vehicles he selected to be on his fleet, only ever wanting the very best for "his brides" - as he calls them.

The business and reputation has grown to the extent where Ken has his own warehouse situated in Rydalmere (Sydney) with a fleet of 34 wonderful classic motor cars or “wedding cars”. As always Ken continues to enjoying the wedding car business and his enthusiasm has never waned since he started back in 1979.

Ken's friendly nature and passion for his business has not changed, Silver Cloud Wedding Cars now successfully completes hundreds, of weddings every year. You will here ken say "You take care!” Now into Thousands of ecstatic brides and grooms have had the privilege of using the Silver cloud wedding cars and service.

All of the chauffeurs at Silver Cloud Wedding Cars have all had the appropriate training enabling them to offer that impeccable wedding car service that is required on the day of the wedding.

You are invited to take advantage of the Silver Cloud Wedding Car service and become a couple that can boast about using our service.


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