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“The time has come the walrus said”

Its a modest start but my music can now be digitally downloaded - 3 tracks [4 songs] offered - more to come ..


also expecting to release at long last 4 albums on cd over the next 2 - 3 months - including tracks that were recorded in 2001 - 2003 plus an album released in 1992 finally being released now on cd - it's all taken a while but it has never been top of the priority list!!!


Now after 17 years absence from the recording studio and 14 since starting the serious recording of any new songs work has started on the planned album “All My History”.

It all started 12 months ago while watching an episode of a great British comedy called On The Up starring Dennis Waterman, Joan Sims and Sam Kelly, amongst others.

“You Go Home Like a Lady” is a great one-liner (I know its not funny!) from the second last episode and I knew a song awaited. It still took a while to take it seriously as I had not written any of my ideas down in full (in working out the chords etc) for over 10 years but this song kept ‘at me’ so eventually while in Sydney in November last [2014] I picked up Sophie’s guitar and got serious with it.

I hope to have some drafts on the website in the not too distant future and I need to start asking people to help me with the tracks, and I have a few here in WA to ask, which is great.

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