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The change from painter and carpenter has been too long coming, but now Lyle Stacpoole is able to present some of his work from all the years quietly working away at his real craft, writing. What we now have is an assortment of RECORDED ORIGINAL SONGS and MUSIC TUTORIALS, AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW with samples of these on the site.

You can even purchase Digital Recordings on some songs.

"Music - an Easy Language to Learn"

An 80 page book for US$30 including postage and a FREE Cd of original music used in the book.

Whatever musical instrument you are learning, you will find the manner in which the theory of music is presented in this series, and this initial book, easily understood and easy to apply.

"Talk the Language of Music with the Guitar; volume one - the Basics "

From how to hold, strum and generally make a noise to what music to buy and how to read the 'bits' you need to.

You do not have to read all of a music manuscript to learn about music and even to use written music. In fact  most guitarists, even some professionals, do not literally read music. This series of books will help you to learn what you need to know as a guitarist. It presents the opportunity to read and understand the necessary parts of music manuscript that will assist the guitarist.

You will learn to play and understand some basic 'easy to play' chords, and how to play along with songs.  

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