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All That You Need is at Southside Sandstone Rock Walls

We are a small business based in Greenbank. We have been operating in Queensland since 1994 and in that time have built a reputation for friendly, impressive service.

Sawn Sandstone - A Cut Above!

Sawn sandstone is available in a range of grades and sizes. Grades vary from diamond sawn steps and A Grade machine sawn stone through to random or off-cut type boulders. Higher graded materials offer more control over the size and shape of the rocks and the building process itself is most often quicker and and thus cheaper.

A Grade stone is a consistent size and shape and with it can be built a very tidy and aesthetically pleasing wall. If sheer looks are the main goal of a retaining wall with little cost concern A Grade Sandstone is the way to go.

Nevertheless one of the most cost effective means of building a sandstone rock wall is to use B Grade Cut Stone. B Grade is of high enough standard to build a tidy and effective retaining sandstone wall with a good looking finish. However lower grade rocks (than A or B Grade) can be actually less cost effective as the wall generally takes longer to construct negating any cost savings made on material.

B Grade Select Stone is a consistent size but the quality may differ from block to block; however it is still a very cost effective means of achieving a high quality result in a sandstone rock retaining wall.

Natural Sandstone - a more rustic finish

Natural sandstone provides a more rustic finish. They are well shaped rocks suitable for walling, and maintain a natural appearance.



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