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Making Backs Better - that is our aim here at Spinefit. Achieving this goal has led us to source and integrate proven world class equipment and protocols that enables us to achieve lasting relief for back pain sufferers.

At Spinefit we offer a state of the art comprehensive approach for the relief of back pain. Our treatment approach targets the cause of back pain, known to be a combination of instability caused by weak back muscles, muscle imbalance and intervertebral disc compression due to the force of gravity.

Feel Better with Spinefit Exercise Routine

We are the first Western Australian based clinic to specialise in the specific intensive strengthening treatment that has been proven to restore strength and stability to the spine. Without this important element of treatment, back pain is destined to recur because the deep spinal muscles have not been retrained and reconditioned to provide the support and stability that your spine needs to recover now and into the future.

Our Perth and Mandurah Osteopath Clinics provide assistance to anyone needing spinal rehabilitation and pain therapy.

"Our specialised Back Pain program targets the cause of back pain. Our program of care can decompress structures that cause back pain and strengthen weak back muscles to keep you one step ahead of back pain ... making backs better"

"only osteopathic treatment has succesfully culled the constant pain that can never go away due to permanent damage to my spinal bones." LAS. Falcon

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