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The Ink Shop has become one of Bribie’s longest standing businesses, with owners Karen & Eddie Young starting the family operation in 1997.

Fourteen years on, many locals rely on The Ink Shop for all their printers, cartridges and other imaging supplies. Now you can rely on the same trusted business for all of your computer needs too.

Owner Eddie Young is known for his work with The Ink Shop and with local community groups, but few would know that his first foray into the business world was back in 1987 when he was a founder of one of Queensland’s earliest IT retailers, Computer Solutions.

‘Twenty-five years later I still love the opportunity to work with computers.’ After seeing a dozen computer businesses come and go from the island, Mr Young said it was “time to offer the community something better.” I am really excited to be able {to extend our range of services} to finally offer a quality computer service to the people of Bribie & the mainland.

The Ink Shop can supply all your Computer parts and accessories locally at a very competitive price. Simply open the latest Products Catalogue, download it onto your computer if you like by simply going to 'Save A Copy' once viewable and compare the latest consumables including moniters, laptops and all other Computer needs.



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